Privacy policy

What do we do with your data?
Our web server does not recognise your domain name or email address when you visit our website. When you visit our website, we store all information that you have supplied yourself (such as survey information or site registration).

Personal data collected are only processed if there is a legal ground for this. The information is only used internally and is not passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes.

We do not have any partnerships or special relationships with third parties on the internet. This means that we will not pass on your data to third parties unless this is necessary for sending your package to you.

When we transfer or receive your data on our website, we always use the coding technologies that are recognised as common standards within the IT sector. If we receive or transfer certain critical information, such as financial information or health information, we use a secure server.

How can you contact us in relation to our privacy policy?
If you want to respond to our privacy policy, you can contact us by email:

If you no longer wish to receive emails from our company in the future, you can contact us at the above address.

If you provide us with your postal address via the web, you will only receive the information that you have requested at the address you have given us.

If you provide us with your telephone number via the web, our company will only contact you by telephone if this is necessary to inform you about the request you have submitted.

Our company may use the information for new purposes that are not yet provided for in our privacy policy. In that case, we will contact you before using your data for these new purposes, to inform you of changes to our regulations for the protection of personal data and to give you the opportunity to refuse your participation.

Upon request, we grant visitors to our site access to all information that we keep about them. If you wish to access this information, please contact us at the above address.

Upon request, we offer visitors to our site the opportunity to rectify any incorrect information that we keep about them. If you wish to rectify your personal data, please contact us at the above address. If you want to have your data deleted, you can also contact us at the above address.

If you find that our site is not in accordance with our privacy policy, please contact our company at the above address.