About us

SoDutch is the iconic new Dutch brand. Quality bags made in the Netherlands. All bags are made of the best leather from the Netherlands. Totally Dutch. To us, a bag is not an accessory. It is who you are. An article you entrust your belongings to.

That is why we make bags intended for everyday use. A natural product that will last for years and become part of your story. A bag that really is you and becomes more beautiful every day.

Your bag is made in the Netherlands, with typically Dutch leather. No assembly line product made in a far away factory, but made by hand in our studio in Brabant. We only work with sustainable materials and do not waste anything. Your bag is not a machine-produced copy. It's a bag that comes more into its own as time goes by. A unique bag, especially for you.

We make bags that tell a story. And we are incredibly proud of that.

So beautiful. So Dutch. SoDutch.

The SoDutch team


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