A wallet, the accessory that goes with your bag!

Smooth leather wallet with snap closure #17

Available colors:

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Smooth leather wallet with snap closure #17

A perfect match! Not only between you and the wallet, but also with your SoDutch bag. Inside the leather cover you find a Safety Wallet. Because of the RFID protection Safety Wallet contains, you do not have to worry and your cards are safely stored. In addition, the snap closure provides extra protection for the cards that are stored separately in the two additional compartments.

Her leather gives just that little extra! Do you match this wallet with your SoDutch bag?


100% leather
Price (€)
Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Depth (cm)
Snap closure

Familiar, that feeling belongs to a wallet. It goes with you, always and everywhere. Which color suits you?

  • Real craftmanship
  • Real leather
  • Real dutch

Where can I buy the bag?

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